Story Time

Alex and the Head Start Program have started a weekly storytelling time at one of the daycares. Parents can bring their children to hear stories told by an elder, or read from a book, usually by Alex (now with our beautiful props). Following the stories, there is a brief talk on strategies to help stimulate and support children’s language development.


The past two sessions have featured storytelling by elders in the community. What a great opportunity for children to practice their Cree! We have been taking turns running the story telling.

This week was paternity week, so a very special guest was invited to tell the story. It was the Chief of Chisasibi, Davey Bobbish. There was a fantastic turn-out, including a lot of dads!20160617_155205Chief Davey Bobbish

20160617_160512All the dads at story time

Chief Bobbish read the book, “Walking with Grandpa” and Ben helped with the animal props. Ben even said all of the animal names in Cree (yes, we’ve gotten pretty good with our animal names)!20160617_155022

After the book, Ben talked about some tips to help support understanding when talking with children.20160617_155725

The session finished off with a prize raffle for the dads, socializing, and a surprise birthday cake for Alex!


All of the organizers were really excited to have such a successful storytelling session!   The storytelling event started just before we arrived in Chisasibi. Although it started with small turn-outs, we have seen great increases in attendance over our three weeks here. Can’t wait to see how it will continue to grow!


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