Our Last Week in Chisasibi

For our last week in Chisasibi, we were working with the final daycare, Nudiwaashau Daycare.  It was a busy week, filled with various projects.

We again worked with the educators in the classroom to train them on the book activities.  And on Wednesday night we had another group training with the educators.  Here are some of the table top activities we tried out with the kids this week.

IMG_5651“Match the Tracks” activity for the book, “Walking with Grandpa”

IMG_5648File_005Red goose craft (mihkwaau nisk) to go along with “Red Goose, Where are You?”

Throughout our time at the daycares, we have been practicing some of our Cree vocabulary.  Thanks to the book kits and the frequent repetition of the associated vocabulary, we have learned lots the words for lots of animals and colours.  That is proof that language stimulation works!

The educators at Nudiwaashau helped us to practice the difficult colour names that we hadn’t yet perfected.  Purple is definitely the longest one (paaschuusaawaanaakun). Us four students spend a lot (maybe too much) time together, and we all really like learning Cree.  This inspired us to make a little rap, combining the lyrics to the Cree childrens’ songs, “Who is Here Today?” and “the Colour Song.”  Just for fun, you can listen to it here.

The weather warmed up considerably this week.  There was so much warmth and sunshine, after a long stretch of cold weather. So, we loved getting to spend lots of time with the children outdoors in the play yard!


We also took full advantage of the sun by being outdoors for lunch and meetings. We were unprepared for the strong northern sun, however, and all ended up with pretty bad sunburns!


On the last day at the daycare, several educators brought out bubbles and all of the children were chasing the bubbles around the playground.  It was so magical!


When we weren’t at the daycare this week, we were busy filming and editing videos to explain the book kits and the specific activities for each book. These videos will go to each daycare so that the current and future educators will know how to use the kits.  Who knew we would get to work on our acting and technical skills while on our S-LP practicum!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.02.32 AM

Lastly, we stopped by the Retro Daze Cafe this week!  This is a cool hang out spot that opened up in the fall.  Amazingly, all the furniture and decorations have been made from recycled materials. The chicken wings were delicious!




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