Training Night with the Educators from Jenna Daycare

If you remember, we spend each week at a different daycare in the community. Wednesday evenings, we hold a workshop where we show the educators all of the materials and discuss as a group ways in which to promote language development.


At this week’s workshop with the educators from Jenna daycare we presented the 8 book-kits and other materials that we had created.


The session started off with us introducing who we are and  getting to know the educators. This was a good opportunity to not only learn everybody’s names but also to break the ice between those of us from McGill, Alex (the community’s S-LP) and the daycare educators.


The educators were enthusiastic about the materials and asked a lot of great questions. Our supervisors then led a discussion about learning both English and Cree. The educators were eager to share their experiences and had many questions and comments.


We ended the night by discussing the different communication strategies that adults could use to help children talk. The educators found this to be quite funny as we students took turns pretending to be Cree-speaking children while showing the strategies.


All in all, we felt that the night was a great success! Not only did we get the chance to present all our materials that we had worked very hard on to produce, but we also got the chance to share experiences and lots of laughs with the educators.

What a great bunch of people!


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