Chisasibi Animal Rescue & Trip to the Beach

This Saturday, we went to the Chisasibi Animal Rescue with our friend, Solange, Anna’s supercool host. She told us that this animal shelter was in need of volunteers to walk the dogs that they had taken in, and we were extremely happy to help out!


There we met Jolyanne, the woman who founded the shelter.  She told us about the amazing work that the shelter does for the community, including neuter/spaying during certain times of the year and in finding homes for the dogs. We then were introduced to the puppies!

20160604_150111Here’s a photo of Solange with Brownie (left), and Huong struggling to hold back Baby.

20160604_150904Thanks to Anna for taking this photo of the rest of us after walking the dogs in an unsuccessful effort to tire them out.

IMG_20160604_150948717.jpgAnna made friends with Angel who was the easiest of them to walk.File_004Here’s Ben holding Baby.

IMG_20160604_155755097This is Cleo’s buddy Joel, he was pretty much the same size as her.



On Sunday, Solange was extremely nice to offer to take us on a trip to the nearby beach and to the Fort George lookout. We were lucky to be accompanied by Maggie, who Solange is dog-sitting.


We went to a nearby lake where, though beautiful, it definitely wasn’t warm enough to go swimming.


Solange then took us to the Fort George lookout. Here, you can take the ferry during certain times of the year to go to the island where Chisasibi was originally located. In the photo below, you can notice the erosion caused by the shifting currents since the construction of the dams. We didn’t get the chance to go to Fort George since the ferry was not running.


We then went just a bit further to explore the beach along the James Bay.

13446172_10153742234108528_93154819_o (1)

A big thanks to Solange for taking us to all these scenic points around Chisasibi and for this great picture!


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