Our Project

Each week of our placement will be spent in a different daycare in Chisasibi. We will be working alongside the daycare educators in both preschool and pre-K classes to encourage language stimulation in Cree. We started our first week at Preston Daycare.

We split up into 2 teams, one that worked with the preschool classes and the other with the pre-K. We brought all of our book and dice materials, and with the help of the educators, introduced them to the children. It was really exciting to see what we made come to life; the children seemed to really enjoy the dice, books,  and associated activities. All of the educators were really nice and welcoming and many of them were eager to try the materials.

The children and educators have been trying to teach us Cree, so we’re learning a lot as well. We now know some of our colours, animals, and basic daycare vocabulary (e.g. sit, come here, hurry up, done, okay, and wait). We have a lot of fun using Cree words and laughing at ourselves when we say them wrong! We hope to learn more Cree as we move on to the next daycare.




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