Down By The Bay

After building the michuap on Tuesday evening, we decided to check out James Bay, which is only a 20 minute drive away. On our way there, we drove through a swampy area where we spotted several hunters waiting patiently behind bushes, goose decoys in position.

20160531_204806It was explained to us that hunters set up decoys in order to trick flocks of geese (niskich) into landing in ponds. Geese are more likely to land there if they see other geese in the pond, as they assume that it is safe. When the geese eventually leave, the hunters shoot.

The bay was bitterly cold but very beautiful.IMG_5548

We found some very cool looking ice on the shore.IMG_5550

There were a lot of fishing boats along the beach.20160531_205615

The landscape by the water was rugged and covered with cool looking moss. 20160531_205843.jpg

While we were there, a flock of geese flew overhead. We heard gun shots and watched the geese turn and fly further away from land, over the bay, to avoid the hunters. That’s the closest we’ve gotten to hunting so far.

Sunset on James Baydownload_20160605_104727

We plan to come back and take more pictures on a warmer day.


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