Walk Around Chisasibi

On Sunday we decided to go for a walk around Chisasibi. Originally, we intended to visit Fort George (a nearby island on which the community used to be located). However, we soon learned that the walk would be 9 km and opted for a shorter trip. So we set off towards town and were almost immediately joined by a dog, who we named Hidalga. She accompanied us on our two hour excursion which took us along the La Grande river, it was so beautiful!

Still hoping to see Fort George but not too sure of where we were going, we set off along the shore. 20160529_134925

The walk was treacherous at times, but we had a lot of fun climbing over snow, ice, rocks and mud. Fichier_003IMG_5492

We never actually spotted Fort George, but we had a great time and made a new four-legged friend, so the walk was definitely a success. Fichier_001

On our way back to town, we checked out the new elementary school. Fichier_005Believe it or not, we were joined by a second dog on our way back, Goldie Han.IMG_5513

Here are our boots after a long walk around Chisasibi. 20160529_152904


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