The Materials

On Saturday, we organized all of our materials into bins. We had sent them up to Chisasibi a couple of weeks before, this saved us the hassle of bringing 36 bins onto the plane!20160528_141911

The project that we are doing will take place in all 3 of Chisasibi’s daycares. This means that we had to make 3 copies of each set of materials plus a fourth copy for our Clinical Educator, Alex, who will be using these materials at the MSDC in Chisasibi. That means that we have 4 sets of the giant dice, numerous copies of each of our pamphlets, and 4 copies of all of our book materials (for 8 books). That’s a lot of stuff!20160528_143624

Here are some of the book packages we put together:

20160528_140923Miyawbin’s Day is about a boy’s daily routine.

20160528_142346 We used Neebin’s Great Adventure to teach about colours.

20160528_135917Emily Whiskeychan’s Incredible Imagination encourages kids to think creatively.

20160528_141150Jeremiah’s Decision discusses various occupations.

Throughout making these materials, we have thought a lot about the target audience. We have tried to make them age appropriate, culturally relevant, and fun for both the children and the educators.  This meant that we had to make most of our own materials from scratch. Now that it’s done, we’re all very happy with the final product!20160528_165838



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