And we’re off!

Today’s the day! We woke up bright and early to meet at the airport for 5:40am. Together,  we (Anna, Ben, Cleo and Huong) boarded our flight for Chisasibi at 7:40am, while our profs, Sophie and Kelly boarded their’s shortly after us.20160527_092946

Our flight of 5.5 hours with Air Creebec over 1400 km consisted of intermediate turbulence, wonderful airplane food (it actually was pretty good!) several pit-stops for refueling in Val d’Or and Waskaganish before we finally arrived in Chisasibi! Here we are boarding in Montreal at 7:40am for our flight.

cropped-20160527_110449.jpgThis was the schedule board at the Waskaganish airport,  we thought it was pretty neat!

20160527_110009The airport at Waskaganish, in addition to being brand new and quite beautiful, was also the first place where we saw buildings with Cree writing.

20160527_121332 (1)This was our first glimpse of Chisasibi from the air!

File_000Once our Clinical Educator, Alex, picked us up, we all squished into her car with our million pounds of luggage.


We finally made it to Wichishkw Road. We’ll be staying in these lovely apartments for the next three weeks. Stay tuned for more adventures!


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